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Champaign, OH:  Wednesday Comes Calling

Good morning!!

Just your market manager reminding you that the market will be closing at 8am, this morning, for the week!!

Such a fog filled, drizzly, dreary morning…I’m nestled at my desk with coffee, Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks album spinning, and working on my own ordering for the market.

It’s the perfect time to groove in, and throw us some love…

Cosmic Pam

PS…don’t forget…we are back with eggs!! Both Oakview Farm Meats, and Ladybug Acres have eggs!!! YAY!!!

The Cumming Harvest:  This week on The Cumming Harvest

This Week

Market opens at 10AM
Market opens at 10AM
Market opens at 10AM

What did you think of the market pickup setup last week? As The Cumming Harvest welcomes new customers, we are quickly outgrowing our little home. So while the weather is nice, Saturday morning pickup will be outside!

Did you get to meet Reggie at the market last Saturday? Grow with the Flow, aka Reggie and Roger Ramos, joined the market last fall and have been providing us with greens for most of the winter. So it’s about time they had a proper introduction! Catalyzed by their mother’s battle with cancer eight years ago, these two GA Tech grads and military vets decided they seriously wanted to address the kinds of food that they ate. After a series of internships in the Atlanta area (one of which with own Cane Creek Farm), they were ready to grow their own food but were faced with the challenge of acquiring affordable farmable land in urban Atlanta. As an innovative solution to their own limited access to land, and in an effort to replace the wasteful American lawn, these two engineers have established Certified Naturally Grown “market gardens” in homeowners’ lawns in their Tucker neighborhood, using their own lawn as “home base.” Participating homeowners in turn receive a CSA-style share of vegetables each week. Known affectionately as “the Grow bros,” their slogan is “Grow- don’t mow!” Reggie and Roger also work with other organizations in their neighborhood, such as Tucker Orchard Guild, to strengthen their communities’ access to fresh food. Reggie recently became a Food Innovation Fellow through Food Well Alliance and is on a mission to bring a mobile food processing/ refrigeration unit to other farmers who may not have the funds to purchase necessary but expensive equipment. These modest brothers bring their produce to The Cumming Harvest each week, so let’s support the good that they do for us!

Welcome back Weedy Soil and Sweet Pea Garden! Veggies are abundant!

HomeSpun Baking Company has a new product: check out their gluten-free sandwich bread.

Southern Grass Meat is having a SALE on a variety of items, including Back Ribs, Knuckle Bones, and Ground Beef.

There is just a little bit of Meadow Valley Amish CHEESE left. We have Baby Swiss, Gouda, Havarti, Cheddar, and Pepper Jack.

STRAWBERRIES BY WATSONIA FARMS are on the market again this week.

Cultured Traditions won’t be listing this week, but they will be back on May 12!


Market Location and Pick Up
Pick Up every Saturday from 10am-12pm.
Located in a small building directly behind The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.
724 Pilgrim Mill Road, Cumming, GA 30040
Google Map

To view the harvest today and tomorrow till 8pm, visit “The Market” page on our website, The Cumming Harvest

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Statesboro Market2Go:  Order before Midnight!

Don’t forget to place your Market2Go order before midnight tonight.

Just added-green onions from Jacobs Produce!

Fisheads lettuce, Swampy Appleseed mushrooms, asparagus, carrots, and strawberries from Jacobs Produce, kale from Lee Family Farms, Al’s organic peanuts, fresh eggs from multiple farms, and lots more are all available online this week.

Miami County Locally Grown:  We are OPEN for orders, with new products and the return of old favorites!!

It may have been raining outside, but we were cozy, dry, and having a blast at the
Spring Farmer’s Market tonight :-)

And now the market is opened back up for the week, with the return of carrots, arugula, and cilantro!! YAY!!

And we also welcome A Taste of Sugar Bakery back to the market tonight with her baked goods, jams, granola, and more!

Our newest collaboration – organic wheat berries and organic spelt berries grown by End of the Road Farm that 6635 StudeBaker turns into her Ploughman’s Loaf and her 100% Spelt Sourdough Loaf (on sale this week!) – a truly local loaf of bread!!

Also new, Organic Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies from 6635 StudeBaker!

Covington Cheese Co has two new cheeses on the market, made with Certified Organic raw milk!!

And Rosy Toes Designs is sharing her organically grown Tomato transplants, this week only!! Such unique, heirloom varieties!!

Sadly, I must share that Davidson Family Growers did experience a crop failure with their ever-popular romaine lettuce, but no worries – they’ll have more soon!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Farmer’s Market tonight – we met so many new faces, and hope to see you sometime at pick-up :-)

Conway, AR:  Tuesday Reminder - Market Closes Tonight after 10pm.

Hello friends!

Here’s something you don’t see every day: 25 pounds of eggs for $25! Perfect for bakers, or get some to share with your friends. Buy in together with neighbors for big savings. There’s about 250 medium eggs in a 25 pound box. These are pasture raised and farm fresh!

There’s still time to place your order for pickup this Friday, April 27th.

The market closes TONIGHT after 10pm, maybe even midnight! Come early on Friday for the best selection from the Extras table. See you Friday!

How to contact us:


Phone or text: Steve – 501-339-1039

Email: Steve –

Champaign, OH:  Maple Syrup Education

Hello, little local market of love customers!! Tonight’s weblog is brought to you from Valley View Farms, and what we can expect from their recent run for sap!!

Dear maple syrup lovers,

We would like to update everyone on our maple syrup season that ended recently. As you know, the weather has been very volatile this spring! We tapped our sugar maples on February 13, which is just about a normal date for us. After a good quick sap run, warm weather shut off our taps for several days, and a forecast of a lengthy warm spell did not bode well. For a good sap run, maple trees need freezing nights and warm days. Without either one, sap doesn’t run. By early March, we had produced only a small amount of syrup, and it looked like our season would be a bust. Of course, temperatures turned cold again—very cold. March was actually colder than February! But as temperatures warmed gradually our trees cooperated and we had some great runs late in the month. Our season was saved and our syrup production was just about at the level for an average year.

Normally, early season syrup is very light colored and delicately flavored. As the season progresses and temperatures rise, the syrup darkens and turns more robust. This year, our first syrup was dark, robust, and delicious. The later cold spell actually created lighter syrup—a beautiful amber, but not light enough for us to call it golden. So for sale on the market this year, we have amber and dark syrup in our usual glass bottles, which allow the beauty of the syrup to be seen. This year for the first time we also are offering on the market a limited number of quarts of syrup in traditional plastic jugs. We are happy to satisfy our customers who are asking for larger volumes of syrup.

Pancakes, waffles, ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, sauces, cocktails, pies—Valley View Woodlands maple syrup is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Dawson Local Harvest:  REMINDER! Dawson Local Harvest Market Closes @ 9pm!

Dawson Local harvest for April 27th

REMINDER! Dawson Harvest Market Closes at 9 pm Tonight!

But you can still order great offerings like Local Wildflower Honey, Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap, ground Lamb, fresh-made Blackberry Jam paired with Honey Wheat Bread, and A Whole Lot of Great Veggies! Place Your Order Now.

Thanks, Alan, Market Manager

Russellville Community Market:  Market Closes at 10PM! - Thank you!

This is our last market at All Saints Episcopal Church! RCM would like to express our extreme gratitude for All Saints’ support over the past 8 years! Thank you for helping us grow!
Next week we move to Tuesdays at the Downtown Russellville Train Depot!

Your new ordering window will be from 12PM Fridays until 10PM on Sundays for Tuesday pickup at the Depot! You will receive an email at noon this Friday for our first market at the Downtown Russellville Train Depot!

We have tickets available at the market!

Russellville Community Market


Manchester Locally Grown:  Reminder: Ordering Closes at 10 pm

Manchester Locally Grown market

We always have a few new farmers, waiting their turn to join our market and offer their wonderful products to all our customers. In order to add more farmers, we feel it would be best to grow our customer base a bit. We want to be able to offer you and your friends some new local farm products.

The farmers and market managers would really appreciate your efforts to help spread the word about our fantastic market. What a great local resource for fresh, local farm products. Please pick up a few business cards to hand out to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Advertising is very expensive, and we want to use our slim market funds in a responsible manner.

To Contact Us

Our Website:
On Facebook: Manchester Locally Grown Online Farmers’ Market
By e-mail:
By phone: (931) 273-9708

Our new pickup location is across the street from the Manchester City Schools administration building:

Good afternoon!

This is just a friendly reminder to place your order online by 10 pm tonight. It seems as though every week, someone says, “I meant to order last week, but forgot till about 9:45.”

Well, that’s fine, for two reasons:
1. Every single order placed before I close the market will be filled, unless the farmers run out of some items; and

2. I never close the market at 10:00 sharp. It just doesn’t happen (and to those who know me, that comes as no surprise.) It may be closer to midnight before it gets turned off. However, it’s better not to put off ordering, because some items may be sold out.

Lastly, remember to hit that last “submit” button. I really dislike it when someone gets to market, only to find no order in their name because they didn’t hit the last button. When your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation. If for any reason you fail to receive it, please contact Linda as soon as you realize it’s missing.

See you on Thursday!

Michael & Linda

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, week of Apr 21 2018

Pretty much same story as last week, it’s drier though!

But the greenhouses are looking good. As I’ve been telling y’all for a month now, I have lovely greens: young and tender kale, green chard, rainbow chard, lettuce. I tested the Brix reading on my kale, it’s gone from 5 to 10 in the last two months. Means more nutrients in theh plant and better flavour. It’s prime, picked same day, will keep for couple weeks in the fridge. I’ve put it on two for one special, that is, I’ve doubled the standard quantity per bunch. Eat more greens, should be a mantra. There are french breakfast radishes now at harvestable size.

There the eggs, pastured meats are your healthy source for protein and animal fats. Have you gotten unbrainwashed yet about eating crisco, bechel, margarine etc. instead of butter, lard, fatty meats? I pork lard, minced ready to render or use as is.

Stewing Hens are on special, discount $2 off the kilo price.

Did you notice my 20lb beef pack? Less than a quarter but still good selection of cuts, steaks, roasts, burger, for $220.

I have large caliber trees for sale, which I raised here, at a very good price, $15. For 25mm diameter minimum and at last 2m tall. Ready to plant: cherry birch, osage orange, butternut, all Carolinian ian forest species we need in our forest canopy here.

I have formulated a winning compost from the cow manure and straw in last year’s bedding ammended with biochar and active microbes. Price is $3/bushel (35L) or bulk $60/cu yard (22 bushel) Bring your own containers or trailer which I can load with my tractor.