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Augusta Locally Grown:  Weblog Entry

A first annual National Childhood Obesity Awareness 5-K Walk/Run will be held at the Kroc Center on the morning of September 14. Proceeds will benefit Sports Academy South, a nonprofit organization serving youth in the CSRA. First 10 ALG team members to sign up will get one of those cool, limited edition “A-GUSTAVORE” tshirts. The entry fee is $20 for adults, $10 for youth. Text Kim at 706-288-7895 to join the ALG team!

A farm work day for our student interns has been scheduled for Saturday, September 21. We will help out at Hard Earth Farm in the morning, and then at the Veggie Truck Teaching Garden in the afternoon. Love our interns!

Augusta Locally Grown has been invited to coordinate healthy cooking and gardening activities for kids at the Gateway Center’s “Green & Gourmet” Expo in Grovetown, Oct 19-20. Next step? Find a sponsor to cover the costs. This event will be well publicized by the host, Beasley Broadcast. If your business is interested in supporting this effort and benefiting from the media coverage, please email

If so, Augusta Locally Grown would like to sponsor your entry in the “Brew Your Cask Off” Sweetwater contest. Text Kim at 706-288-7895 if you’re interested!

- Kim

Palouse Grown Market:  The PGM Market is OPEN!!!!!


Happy Friday Everyone!
We love this easy recipe and eat it a lot this time of year.


5 medium tomatoes,thinly sliced
1/4 red or sweet onion, peeled, halved lengthwise, and thinly sliced (we use the whole onion)
1-2 cucumbers, halved lengthwise and thinly sliced
A generous drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, about 3-4 tablespoons
3 splashes red wine vinegar
Coarse salt and black pepper and a sprinkle of fresh herbs if you have them


Toss the tomatoes, onions, and cucumber with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.

All of the veggies in this recipe can be found on PGM this week!


Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  The Market is open!

Good morning,

The Market is open for ordering so please take a moment to look over the delicious offerings.

We are adding raw milk to the market this week. *Cedar Rock Farm *milks cows on organic pastures and feeds them GMO free grains. This herd tests positive for the A2 protein. The milk is sweet and creamy (according to the pets that drink it). I will forward you more information on the milk if you are interested. The first delivery will be this Wednesday with pick-up here on the farm from 10-4.

We are making several changes to the market beginning with the cancelation of deliveries to the Canton and Wookstock gyms. Order volume has been too low to justify deliveries. We will continue to deliver to Cumming. All orders placed on the market can be picked up at the farm on Wedesdays and Cumming deliveries will be on Friday’s until September 10th then we will switch to Tuesdays. No milk will be delivered. It must be picked up on farm.

Sorry for short e-mail but I am out the door to get to Cummings’ Vickery Market.
More later!

Mary Beth

Conway, AR:  CLG Pickup Today! 4-6pm. Bring glass jars & egg cartons, please.

Good Morning,

This is a pickup reminder for those of you who ordered this week. Thank you for your order. You can pick up your order from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. today at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church at 925 Mitchell Street in Conway.

Remember to bring your glass jars for recycling, egg cartons, and bags for ordered items. Reduce, reuse, recycle! See you this afternoon. Have a great day!

Come early for the best selection from the EXTRAS table!

Farmer At Your Door:  Alpaca! - see them?

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is OPEN!

The market is now open for ordering!

Please make sure you get a confirmation email after you order. If you do not receive one immediately after you placed your order, then your items are still in your cart and your order is not complete.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Farmer At Your Door:  Alpaca Dyer Balls, Mushrooms and friends!

My first visit was to Pacesetters Alpaca on Plymouth Church outside of Beloit. You may want to find out when they’re open and visit. When I can figure out how to add pictures to this, you will see the Alpaca faces. They stared at me when I picked up their dryer balls. hmm…. I wanted to take one home to live in the house, but Mr. Farmer said no.

After traveling for awhile, I ended up at a mushroom farm. They were the best looking oyster mushrooms ever. Mushroom farms tend to be far away from civilization; in the dark….it took me awhile to find my way back to a main road. The items from Bridgets Bakery about put me into a happy trance with their smell. I gained 5 pounds during the ride. That stuff is awesome. The cookies were so big they’re individually wrapped.

I’m now convinced we need to try Kimchi. I had a customer drooling as she opened the bag. drooling… yes, she really was.

I hope you enjoy your products. I’d love to meet you all and share a cookie or two.

See ya soon.

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  News

Grass Fed Butter Not Available this weekend

The grass fed butter from Mountain Valley Farm will not be available this weekend. It will be available again next week. It will be listed every other week not weekly.

New Item: Fresh Milled Organic Spelt Flour

My Daily Bread has added Fresh Milled Organic Spelt Flour to the market website for your home baking needs.

What is Spelt? Spelt is an ancient grain widely recognized for its many health benefits. It was originally grown in Iran around 5000 to 6000 B.C. Spelt has been grown in Europe for over 300 years, and now in North America for just over 100 years. It’s been used most commonly as a feed grain for animals, but, it’s gained popularity as a dietary grain due to its nutty flavor and nutrition content.

Spelt is an excellent source of vitamin B2, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of niacin, thiamin, and copper.

Some people claim they can eat spelt even though they’re sensitive to wheat. Spelt does contain gluten but it is different than wheat gluten. The gluten in spelt is water soluble and is degraded by heat. It is also easily broken down by mixing action.

Spelt flour can replace whole wheat flour or whole grain flour in recipes for breads and pastries.

Below is a recipe for Soaked Spelt Pancakes that I use from the Nourishing Cook

Soaked Spelt Pancakes Recipe (adapted from the Nourishing Cook)

•2 cups freshly milled spelt flour
•2 cups yogurt, buttermilk or kefir
•2 eggs (preferably pastured)
•1/2 teaspoon unrefined sea salt
•1 teaspoon baking soda (aluminum free)
•2 T melted butter (preferably pastured)

Optional: add 1 cup blueberries


Soak flour in yogurt (or buttermilk/kefir) in warm place for 12-24 hours. After soaking time, stir in other ingredients and add water to obtain the desired thinness. Cook on a hot, oiled griddle or cast iron skillet. The pancakes cook longer than regular pancakes, and have a slightly chewy texture and mild sour taste, which is very pleasing. Serve with melted butter, real grade B maple syrup, raw honey, berry syrup, or fruit butter.

Double the recipe and freeze a batch!

If you’re asking why I soak the flour here’s the answer: to eliminate phytic acid.

Phosphorus in the bran of whole grains is tied up in a substance called phytic acid. Phytic acid combines with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc in the intestinal tract, clocking their absorption. Whole grains also contain enzyme inhibitors that can interfere with digestion. Traditional societies usually soak or ferment their grains before eating them, processes that neutralize phytates and enzyme inhibitors and in effect, predigest grains so that all their nutrients are more available. Sprouting, overnight soaking, and old-fashioned sour leavening can accomplish this important predigestive process in our own kitchens. Many people who are allergic to grains will tolerate them well when they are prepared according to these procedures. Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon, Pg 25

The market will open up tomorrow morning (Friday) for ordering and close at 5pm on Sunday.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Good evening!

Thank you for another wonderful market! With Pam at the helm, you are sure to have a great time and have an accurate pick up! I’m opening it up again and hope you join us for another week of local greatness! Have fun friends!

Local Farms First:  The Market Is Open!!

Greetings Local Farms First food lovers!

Diana’s Rockwall Garden

The owner of Rockwall is the Market Facilitator for Local Farms First!!

Rockwall garden offers local organic veggies! This farm was where Diana grew up, and after not being there for a while, she moved back and got the property again!! There is definitely a wonderful sense of nostalgia at Rockwall Garden for Diana! Order their greens today!!!

Thanks for supporting local family farms,
Amy Konash- Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website: