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Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  June 23 Farm Tour

Good morning folks. We will be having our annual farm tour and harvest dinner on Sunday evening, June 23 at 6:30pm. You and your family are welcome to come out and enjoy a hayride, look around the farm and corn roast in the yard. There is no charge for CSA and Market members, but we need to know how many people to expect, so please order as many spaces as you need for you and your family.

We are enjoying a soft rain here while we harvest. Just catching the edge of the southern storms. If you want any extra produce, please order this morning so we can get things picked and packed up before too late.


Kerstens' Maple Hill Centennial Farm:  Five Forward Farmers' Forum

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear CSA Members and Partakers of the Farm Bounty for 2013,

Online Ordering for Local Pick Up is now OPEN. Right now the only pick up site is Kerstens’ Maple Hill Centennial Farm. Place your online order by Tuesday evenings and it will be ready for pick up Thursday afternoon at the greenhouse on the farm. Fresh maple syrup is mainly the product available at this time, but as the season goes on more will be added…

We will begin sending out weekly newsletters every Sunday evening, and ordering online will be “OPEN” until Tuesday evening 8:00 PM.

Email us at, or call 715-535-2209 (Kerstens’ Farmhouse) or 715-460-1585 (Ron’s Cell and Greenhouse Phone)if you have questions.

Looking forward to a prosperous and bountiful season!

The Five Farmers

Tullahoma Locally Grown:  Raw Milk Products

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know some information regarding the raw milk and milk products we now have on the market. The government has made it illegal to sell raw milk in most states. There are a couple of ways around that legality and one of them is to list the raw milk as “pet food”. It is legal to sell raw milk for pet use. So that is the way we must label the raw milk to avoid any complications. The milk is produced in sanitary conditions fit for human consumption, so don’t be dismayed by the fact that it is labeled as pet food. I’ve tried the milk, yogurt and cheese, and it is all delicious, and raw milk is actually beneficial for the body whereas pasteurized milk causes inflammation in the body. Hopefully Murari Farm will host a tour day for all of us to see how he milks his beautiful Jerseys :-) I’ll see if I can arrange that.

So look for the raw milk/products to move from the “dairy” category to the “pet food” category in the next couple of days. Thank you to everyone for supporting Tullahoma Locally Grown!


Tullahoma Locally Grown:  Weblog Entry

Thank you for your orders last week!

I hope you all enjoyed the extra strawberries at pick up – there will be more this week.

Lavender, Chamomile, Watermelon and Cantaloupe plants this week.

We have milk, butter, ghee, cheese and yogurt for sale.

Get your greens while they last!

One of my favorite recipes, melt in your mouth salty kale chips:

8 oz kale, washed and thoroughly dried
2 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt, for sprinkling

Preheat the oven to 275 degrees F.
Remove the ribs from the kale and tear into 1 1/2-inch pieces.
Toss with the olive oil and salt, place a single layer per baking sheet.
Bake until crisp, turning the leaves halfway through, about 20 minutes.

Get started here: Tullahoma Locally Grown Market

Market ends noon Wednesday, what’s in your fridge?

Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  Market Open

We have alot of vegetables available this week! Starting to pull early bulb onions and picking broccoli and cabbage! This is the last week we plan to pick asparagus, though we may have a little available next week. Get it while you can!

This week’s CSA bags will likely include:

Salad turnips
Collards or Spinach
head lettuce or spring mix
Fresh pulled bulb onions
A bunch of Cilantro (Let us know if you parsley instead)

Please have orders in by tonight if possible. Noon tomorrow at the very latest.


Martin's Farmstand:  May showers bring June strawberries!

Martins farmstand is open. Cool rainy weather now makes for the best strawberry crop. They should start ripening in about 4 weeks.
Greenhouse tomatoes, summer squash, and cucumbers should start within 2 weeks. Green onions will also be coming soon.
I have the recipes section of the website turned on. I would like if you could tell us your favorite ways to prepare the food that grows in our gardens. You must be signed in to post a recipe.
We should be able to take EBT cards as payment within a few weeks. This is being made possible by Gardenshare. Thank-you. Daniel

CAFE:  Why did we choose this time of year?


Why did we choose this time of year?

To make big shifts in the way we do things? I am super busy in all aspects of my life! Crops are changing! Weather changing too! Does that make it a good or bad time? The simple fact of the matter is that this time of year is nigh, is now, which is always the best time to do things, if they are to get done. In fact, it has been my own personal busy-ness that has slowed the transition process this long, or I’d have asked the same questions sooner.

Now that I have once again convinced myself of the wisdom and timeliness of the move, I say to you, CAFÉ members, “Let’s go forward together to Local Food Marketplace (LFM) and create the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious, affordable food market ever!”

Later this week you will be asked to re-join CAFÉ on the LFM platform. If you should happen to get left behind, there will be many chances to climb back aboard. We will still be able to send messages to you through, and you may still reach us in your familiar ways.

We have made a test of the system this weekend and have some untested processes still ahead, but we are determined to make the switch this coming Friday. If you would like to check out the site under construction, go to

So stay tuned, and consider taking one last scroll through the locallygrown Market Pages before it closes for good at noon today.

May the (going) FORTH (together) be with you!

South Cumberland Food Hub:  Local Strawberries!

Good Morning!
It’s time to order local food from the South Cumberland Food Hub.
We still have strawberries available this week but our sweet potatoes are very limited. This may be the last week for those, so if you would like to have them for a few more weeks, order alot this week- they store wonderfully.

We’re open till noon. Have a wonderful day!

Click here to go directly to the Rootedhere Locally Grown Market Page


Athens Locally Grown:  Market Open for May 23

Athens Locally Grown

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Twitter: @athlocallygrown
On Facebook:
On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

Our third free Farmer for a Day event was this past Saturday at Covenant Valley Farm. Cathy Payne, our event coordinator, had this report:

The third Farmer for a Day event of 2013 began at 2 p.m. after many of us had already had a busy Saturday that started with rain. Six volunteers joined 3 members of the Kennedy family in Colbert at Covenant Family Farm & Gifts. We shared a bit about our interest in sustainable and local food systems before starting our work projects. In less than two hours, the team had built and mulched two new raised beds for melons, installed panels and cage supports for 50 tomato plants, and done a bit of weeding. Annie and Nolan are very appreciative! The volunteers developed some new skills in the process, and learned a lot about livestock during the walking farm tour. By then everyone had worked up an appetite and enjoyed a delicious meal provided by Covenant Family Farm and Athens Locally Grown. This included local food such as grass fed Angus sliders and pecan butter from Covenant Family Farm, pickled carrots and cinnamon pecan bread from Lazy Willow Farm, and a mesclun salad mix from Broad River Pastures. Photos of the day can be found at

If you haven’t been to one of our Farmer for a Day events over the years, you’ve missed out on some really lovely experiences. We have two more scheduled for this summer, including a visit on June 22nd to the always popular Dragonfly Farm.

My house got more than a few inches of rain this weekend. We’ll certainly be happy to have that in the ground later in the year, and I had just managed to get the rest of my seedlings and ready seeds planted before the deluge. I’ve only got six more 4×4 beds to clean out and get planted, and I’m eager to get out there and do it. If you’ve got any gardening stories you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks so much for your support of Athens Locally Grown, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. You all are part of what makes Athens such a great area in which to live. We’ll see you on Thursday at Ben’s Bikes at the corner of Pope and Broad Streets from 4:30 to 8pm!

Upcoming Local Food Events

June 22nd: Be a Farmer For A Day at Dragonfly Farm in Nicholson, Georgia This is the fourth FREE event in the Farmer for a Day Tour Series of 2013. We arranged five tours this year, scheduled around the needs of various small farms. Each one is unique. Be sure to get your event ticket today! Each event will offer you a chance to experience real work on the farm, so come prepared to work! The work session will last for two hours. You may want to bring your own work gloves, weeding or digging tools, etc. if you have them. Be sure to prepare for the weather appropriately and dress for getting dirty or muddy. You will be in an agricultural setting and can expect sun, rain, bugs, wildlife, dogs, electric fences, pets, and farm animals to be part of the experience. Do not bring your dog with you for an “outing” as this would stress the livestock and disrupt work. Please plan to closely supervise your children during all activities. Water will be provided during the work session and a nutritious lunch is also provided. Farmers will have products available for purchase at the event, so you may want to bring cash/checks and a cooler with you. If you have special dietary needs, plan accordingly to bring those with you. To save resources, feel free to bring your own water bottle and dishes. David Hoescht is the farmer at Dragonfly Farm. He performs miracles- transforming areas of his property into fertile landscapes of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. These are all fed with his own home made compost and vermicompost. Come see how he does it, and help harvest berries and vegetables. Hands-on composting demonstrations! Meet new people, and purchase flowers and other farm products. A Local lunch will include products from Dragonfly Farm such as greens, field peas, and fruit cobbler. To sweeten the pot, thousands of day lilies of wide variety will be in full bloom that weekend! Bring a fishing pole if you’d like to stay a while after we work. We hope you can join us for a fun day of volunteering, meeting new friends, delicious food, and fresh farm air! This is a free event! You will be contacted to confirm registration and be given the address and directions. You will be asked for a phone number in case of emergency cancellation. If you do not get a confirmation, please email Cathy Payne. For questions, contact Cathy Payne, event coordinator, at or 706-283-7946.

Other Area Farmers Markets

The Athens Farmers Market on Saturday has opened for the season on Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons (see their website for info). The Watkinsville market has opened as well. The Washington-Wilkes Farmer’s Market in Washington is open every Saturday 9-12 behind the Washington Courthouse, and several ALG vendors also sell there. Most of the other area markets are preparing to open back up as well very soon!

All of these other markets are separate from ALG (even the Athens Farmers Market) but many growers sell at multiple markets. Please support your local farmers and food producers, where ever you’re able to do so!

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

StPete.LocallyGrown.Net:  Market NOW Open - May 20, 2013

Message from Market Manager


EARLY HOLIDAY SALE RIGHT NOW on select wild caught Alaska salmon products from Doug’s Wild Alaska Salmon

FYI from Savory Spice Shop They’ve posted new spice rubs to celebrate the addition of pork cuts to our Market!

What do all these have in common? They all include healthy, chemical-free, and locally grown vegetables! DON’T WAIT until next winter to taste test kohlrabi or kale, etc. Fresh local cabbage, collard greens, peppers, squash, and cucumbers cannot be beat. These won’t be around much longer with warmer local temps coming on. They are still on our Market but only for a limited time. Try them NOW to help you decide if you will plant some for your own garden starting in September-October timeframe. Stock up for the Memorial Day long weekend!

Please shop by MONDAY NIGHT for anything you want from GCF as this will better insure you get what you want. The rest of your order can be placed anytime before Wednesday noon when we close the Market for the week.

If you don’t yet follow us ON FACEBOOK then you are missing out on all the fun. Please go out there and “like us”!

New video excerpt from Nathan’s class on urban farming. Next class on June 8th. Sincere Thank You to volunteer Jeff Yentzer of for more fine work to support our endeavors!

New recipe post on our Market Community Blog— “A Salad to Deliver Protein” from your Market Manager.

I am looking for weekly volunteers on Fridays between 10AM and 1PM for this very customer-oriented work. If you are an active customer, would like to save on delivery fees, have customer service experience, and enjoy meeting new people, this volunteer opp may be for you. Mileage reimbursement available. Please call Tina at 727-515-9469 for all the details.

If so, are you interested in volunteering WEEKLY for our Market on Thursdays from noon to 4PM? Please call Tina at 727-515-9469 for details. As St. Petersburg spreads its wings into urban agriculture enterprises, this skill will be greatly needed!

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST CUSTOMERS! Once you have submitted your order, if in doubt about what you owe, you can always confirm what you have been charged for by checking your account history and viewing your most current invoice. Instructions on how to do that are on our Q&A page under the question entitled Since you don’t provide an invoice with delivery, how do I know what I owe? . Also, since your vegetables are picked fresh within 24 hours of delivery, they should be lasting for WEEKS in your refrigerator. When you accept delivery, please take a few minutes to inspect your order to protect your vegetables from unnecessary spoilage. Lastly, it is imperative that you understand our policy on Unclaimed Orders found on our Q&A page. When you make a purchase you are agreeing to abide by this policy.

Ready to Order?

Click here to sign in & shop now

  • If you do not receive an email confirmation immediately after you order, then you did not click the SUBMIT ORDER button and we did not receive an order from you.

Upcoming Events

All these and more are posted on our Calendar of Events

Please be sure to RSVP to your Evite so we know how many folks are coming! After dinner, Ray Wunderlich will speak on “Ecology and Urban Agriculture: Some Considerations”, sharing some of the environmental relationships, interactions and consequences to be mindful of when implementing an urban garden. We know it’s a Holiday Weekend but if you’re in town…

Here is your invitation to volunteer in Nathan’s garden. No RSVPs are needed! This is a great time to get exposed to local organic gardening and gain experience maintaining a summer garden in St. Petersburg. Call Nathan at 727-403-1655 if you have any questions or need directions.

SUMMER VEGETABLE GROWING IN ST. PETERSBURG” on June 8th, 8 AM Details are on Calendar of Events. This will be held every Second Saturday of the month and is open to the public. RSVPS are required and will help determine if the class will be held. Bring your friends and save $10 each on this valuable experience! This class makes a great gift for any occasion! RSVPs still being accepted.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!